HEARING Protection




Ear Muffs provide a more secure form of hearing protection, especially because they are easier to use and allow the user to gain maximum protection from the product.


All hearing protection methods have capability to reduce noise. Devices with only this function are called passive hearing protectors. Electronic styles integrate advanced electronics with the ear muffs to suit multiple work environments.

  • Noise blocking muffs attenuate noise using the highest quality insulating and dampening materials and are offered in mulitple levels of protection to fit your working environment
  • All models are dielectric
  • Slim profile increases stability and reduces the risk of snagging in confined areas
  • Available in Headband, Cap Mounted and Neckband Styles
  • Available Level Dependent System uses microphones mounted on each ear cup that limits all sounds through the speakers to a safe level, allowing for communication while remaining protected against hazardous noise
  • Available AM/FM Radio for monotonous and stationary tasks in noisy areas, to increase motivation and efficiency


When combining hearing protection with other protective equipment it is important that the hearing protection attenuation is not impaired due to the combination. For example the temples of safety eyewear should be of a low profile type to minimize the reduction of performance. If you are uncertain if your other equipment will affect the attenuation it may be wise to choose an ear muff with a slightly higher protection level than what the analyze method is stating.

Electronic & Passive

Light, durable construction with easy size adjustment provides the perfect fit for all head sizes. Unlike other ear muffs on the market, our line is made with a high performance, thermoplastic material that allows the headband to be stretched without warping or distorting.

Electronic & Passive

Fits most cap-style hard hats with universal slots. They can be worn snapped into place on the ear, slightly off the ear to allow hearing, or pivoted up and away when not needed.

Passive Only

For use in conjunction with bump caps, hard hats without universal slots or head-mounted face protection. Adjustable head support strap ensures that muffs stay in position at all times.

NRR Rating

When selecting hearing protection you need information on the character of the noise; sound pressure level (dB), duration and frequency content (Hz). The level of the disturbing noise and its frequency distribution is of great importance. High levels of low frequency noise have the inconvenience of making it difficult to understand speech (below 500Hz).

A product's Noise Reduction Rating, or NRR, measures the effectiveness of a hearing protector to decrease exposure to sounds. The higher the rating, the stronger the protection. While it is important to offer workers enough protection, it is actually dangerous to over protect them as well. If the NRR rating is too high for the environment (specifically, levels below 70dB), difficulties with communication and hearing warning signals. It will cause the user to feel isolated and to remove the hearing protector.


Ear plugs are a popular choice because they are seen as the most economical solution, and they can easily be worn with other PPE.

Comfortable, soft foam plugs that are commonly used and hygenic, ideal for high contamination environments and for workplace visitors

Easy to clean, reduce waste and save money, ideal for use in manufacturing, construction and MRO

Material Basics

Using ear plugs should be comfortable. From traditional to innovative, the materials that make up our plugs are designed for excellent performance during the task at hand, while avoiding discomfort after long periods of use.

Our soft polyurethane foam has a unique cellular structure thats allows for slow expansion to perfectly fit the size and form of the ear canal, with a sealed surface that prevents foreign bodies from penetrating. The material provides high and immediate noise reduction.

A more traditional material for ear plugs, soft PVC foam provides high and immediate noise reduction.

The smooth, dirt-repellent surface of TPE plugs can be cleaned using soap and water. This is ideal for dirty working environments, preventing minor injuries and irritation. It is created in a pre-formed shape and requires no rolling, making them easy to put on. Its moderate noise reduction blocks out hazardous noise yet allows warning signals and voices to be clearly understood.

Shape & Fit

The shape of the ear plug is designed to bring the wearer maximum comfort. They are tailored to best fit the ear canal and deliver optimal attenuation.

Tapered Bullet
Fits to the natural contour of the ear canal

Reduces expansion pressure for optimal comfort

Compact Tapered
Ideal for those with narrower auditory canals

Classic design, proven favorite for many workers

Oval Cap
Fits ear canal opening snugly for stability and comfort

Flange Classic
Proven design for comfort and optimal attenuation

Flange/Disc Combo
Advanced combination of sealing flanges and discs


These features help tailor a product to be safer and more convenient in a specific working environment, whether that means fitting in a dispenser or keeping track of plugs after removing them from the ear.

The most economical option, and mainly for one time use. Also practical in areas where a cord may be hazardous.

Easier to keep track of by allowing the user to wear the plugs around their neck while not in use. Can be made with rubber or non-resonating textiles, and certain styles are detachable for added safety.

Convenient for intermittent use. Ensures out of the way comfort and limits contact with clothing and resulting sound transmission. Prevents the plugs from contact with dirty surfaces when set down.