FAST, EASY AND PRECISE. If you don’t associate these words with your custom order requests, you’re not taking advantage of PIP’s logo and imprinting services. With exceptionally quick turnaround times and top quality results, PIP delivers the value-added service you and your customers expect. Put us to the test on your next logo order and experience the difference.


PIP will ship logo orders within 6 business days of receiving approval for the logo proof. Our design team will turn around logo proofs as quickly as 24 hours after you submit your request (depending on the format). We’ve recently expanded our production capacity so we can continue to deliver fast turnaround times, even as orders continue to increase.


This indirect offset printing process allows the image to be transferred from the printing plate via a silicone pad onto the product and is ideal for imprinting three dimensional objects. Imprinting is available in up to four colors, depending on product

Available Stock Colors:
(No Extra Fee)


The image is printed on transfer paper and then applied to the product by using heat. This method allows for better detail and multiple colors. Imprinting is available in up to four colors.


The image is ink printed directly on the product using a set of screens. Imprinting is available in up to four colors.

Available for clothing only.

Available Stock Colors:
(No Extra Fee)


This higher quality imprint option is available with up to nine colors. All pricing must be custom quoted based on stitch count. Lead times may vary based on quantity.

Available for clothing and bump caps.

Available Colors:


Your customer's logo may not be print ready, but PIP will work with you to recreate their files for optimal quality and cost. Learn what types of art files will give the best results and quickest turnaround time below.


Vector files are created using points, lines and curves. They can be scaled infinitely without loss of quality, are easy to edit and are the final format for our printing processes.

Example File Formats:
.eps, .ai

High-resolution Raster (300+ dpi)

Raster files cannot be scaled infinitely without loss of quality. They must be recreated into a vector format by our designers in order to be used, but files with a higher dpi, or dots-per-inch, give us crisper lines to follow, making the process much quicker. These are subject to a "simple" recreation fee.

Example File Formats:
.jpg, .tiff

Low-resolution files

Raster files that are too small in size or low in dpi may be impossible to use. When enlarged, they can become too distorted to be able to redraw. This can include images taken from websites, photographs, drawings, scans, decals and faxes. If usable, these are subject to a higher "complex" recreation fee.

Example File Formats:
.bmp, .png, .gif, .doc, .xls, .ppt


Pantone colors are a part of a Color Matching System, or CMS, which is a method used to ensure that colors remain as consistent as possible, regardless of the device/medium displaying the color. PIP offers a number of Pantone stock colors for each imprinting method, selected by which were most commonly ordered. You can select the closest stock color to your customers colors for no additional fee.

If your customer wants an exact color match, a Pantone color match can be selected and custom mixed for your order.
This service will require a fee of $60 per color/per order.


PIP's logo recreation or enhancement expertise will convert your customer's logo, if needed, into the necessary vector format for a one time fee. You will be advised of any additional costs related to this re-work within 24 hours of receiving the logo and custom order form.


PIP will always print your logo at the largest size the product will allow, unless instructed otherwise. The artwork will be resized proportionately to the maximum width or height of the location's imprint area. To give approximate dimensions, possible imprinting areas are marked with their dimensions on our custom order forms.


Download our custom order request forms below. They are easy to complete and provide additional tips and details to help ensure the best results.


  • Pad printing and heat transfers are available
  • Full case quantities only

Hard Hats

  • Most styles can be pad printed on the front and sides
  • Minimum quantity is 20 hard hats, case quantities only

Protective Clothing

  • Most styles can be screen printed, jackets and shirts can also be embroidered
  • Minimum quantity is 10 pieces

Safety Eyewear

  • Most styles can be pad printed on the temple or lens
  • Inner box quantities only

Embroidery & Sewing

  • Available on styles of protective clothing and bump caps
  • Custom Quote

Heat Transfer

  • Available on styles bump caps
  • Custom Quote


We have a dedicated team that manages all of your logo requests and will help ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish. If you have any questions along the way, they will be more than happy to assist you.

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